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Jose Navarro, 'Animalia', Sea World - Mundo Marino

Jose Navarro, 'ANIMALIA' (Snail - Caracol), at Shanghai International Puppet Festival

Jose Navarro, ANIMALIA, (Life - Ciclo Vital)

'AYAHUASCA' by Jose Navarro

Danzak: Scissors Dancer Marionette - Danza de Tijeras en Marionetas. Jose Navarro Theatre

Jose Navarro, Mime Act 'Hat'

"Pan- Pipe player - Zampoñero - Siku" - Lamento Andino - Andean Lament

Jose Navarro 'Glove Compartment Man' Body Puppetry advert for the MINI.

Danza de cinta

Glove Compartment Man. Puppet by Jose Navarro

Maria Anatassiou 'Ayahuasca'

Danza de cinta

Ayahuasca Seaworld
It is a collaboration between British filmmaker, Hing Tsang, and the Peruvian performance artist José Navarro.
Ayahuasca is an experimental piece, based on the vital cosmological visions associated with the Amazonian herb Ayahuasca and its accompanying rituals. The original ceremonies have been translated and transformed through the medium of digital video to explore the interplay between light and texture in both interior and exterior settings, moving from the performance of a puppeteer, the vaults of a museum in London to the woods and waters of Suffolk.
Textures and lines have been recreated using the lights originally manipulated manually by the performer, hinting at spaces that are not strictly limited to any one particular body, moment or specific film frame. Through both the use of camera and digital processing, walls of shining coloured light - both flat and diagonal - have been reconfigured and recreated. This is the context in which miniature puppets are animated and are seen from different perspectives.
The screenings have been at London Experimental Film Festival, Avant Edge Film Festival CEFF Chicago.
Seaworld is a collaboration between the British filmmaker, Hing Tsang and performance artist and puppeteer, José Navarro. This experimental work explores the relationship between the topography of the human body and its constant immersion within nature, in particular the landscape of Britain's Suffolk coast. The foreground of the piece features body puppetry - where the artist's body is used as both subject and object, while the background deploys footage shot along the coastline of East England. Both body and landscape are radically transformed through different types of juxtaposition and superimposition in order to explore relationships between human subject and environment that are otherwise taken for granted.
"Seaworld is not the ordinary slow film. It is not entirely narrative, but not entirely experimental either. It is not entirely fiction, but not entirely documentary either ('I try not to work within the limits of genre'). It is a game, a playful trip alongside sea creatures that you sure haven't seen this way yet. For this film, Hing Tsang, a lecturer in Suffolk whose work focuses on documentary film, worked together with José Navarro, a puppeteer from Peru. While the film starts with 'real' footage taken at a beach, the film then shifts to the actual sea world, entirely replicated by Navarro's body; arms and legs become fish and other creatures. Even shoes become creatures that one can find in the sea".
The screenings have been at the Slow Cinema Symposium, Feel the Reel International Film Festival, (nominated for best experimental film), FEDAXV Festival Diseno AudioVIsual, Seemor Film Festival, Avant Edge Film Festival.